Prerna Nanda

Elementz by Prerna is a brand that was founded by Prerna Nanda in the year 2015. Prerna brings along ethnicity that has a history in beauty and fashion, which allows her to bring on the heritage of fine jewelry as she creates her various pieces. She has collaborated to create jewelry which is both a fashion statement and maintains luxury.

Prerna has a passion in art and designing. Fascination for exquisite, hand crafted jewelry with precious stones artistically set in metal, has inspired herto design and create unique yet affordable pieces which can beadorned by all, truly making a statement at every occasion. A young mother of two beautiful boys who are of age 2 and 4 years, which makes life very dynamic and fun while working relentlessly to satisfy the needs of her evolving clientele.

A business graduate, she was raised in a family business environment with a very strong influence of the corporate world. Having worked at Multi-National organizations, she has experience in finance, HR, and retail aspects of business. Elementz by Prerna takes great pride inprofessionalism, quality of final product, and business ethics while maintaining our corporate and social obligations in society. We work very closely with charitable/not for profit organizations to help empower women and young girls to overcome the hurdles of life for a better present and future.