Care Tips

In order to maintain the luster and polish on your Elementz by Prerna jewelry pieces, avoid spraying perfume and contact with make up, moisturizers.

In order to avoid any scratches, or physical damages to the pieces, please avoid working with and around sharp objects such as knife, screw drivers etc,  while wearing the jewelry.

Avoid direct sun light and too much exposure to heat or extreme weathers as this is fashion jewelry and cannot withhold the extremities

It is recommended to avoid wearing Elementz by Prerna Jewelry pieces while exercising, shower, bathing, and saunas as the polish will wear off and stones can start to loosen.

You must always store the pieces securely and in proper jewelry boxes to avoid any damage to the Elementz by Prerna jewelry pieces

Avoid working in the kitchen, doing dishes etc while wearing the jewelry pieces. The harsh detergents will wear off the polish and make the prongs lose causing the stones to fall off.