About the Designer

Prerna Nanda is the president of Royal Elementz, a multifaceted entrepreneur, philanthropist and a mentor who is passionate about empowering women.

Prerna completed her Specialized honors in Human Resource Management at York University, Toronto, Canada. Her background includes over 15 years of progressive, corporate Human Resource Management experience, in technology and financial sectors. During her corporate career, she received multiple awards for professional excellence.

As Prerna chose to focus on her young family, she decided to explore her creative side and launched Royal Elementz, providing exquisite custom designed jewelry.

Prerna is actively involved in various local communities and plays an active role in supporting mentoring young women through career planning and overall career development. Prerna’s community engagement includes serving on several Boards.

On the personal front, Prerna, her husband and the 2 boys spend a lot of time traveling, entertaining and exploring nature.

Prerna Nanda

Company Jewelry

About the Company

As Prerna Nanda chose to focus on her young family, she decided to explore her creative-artistic side and launched Royal Elementz, providing exquisite custom designed jewelry. Coming from a South East Asian background, her designer jewelry fuses traditional aesthetics with contemporary fashion, resulting in breathtakingly unique, wearable pieces of art. Her work builds on creating high quality, unique and exquisite designs which have been acclaimed even Internationally.

Since 2015, Royal Elementz has grown from a small home based business to supporting regional pageants to becoming the official jeweler for National and International Pageants like, Miss World America, Miss Earth United States, Miss Globe United States and United States National Pageant, and more. In 2017, Elementzs achieved yet another milestone and began collaborating with National Pageants such as Miss World America and Miss Globe United States, for custom designing their crowns along with the crown jewels.

About the jewelry

Royal Elementz strongly focuses upon protecting the natural environment. We strive to ensure we respect our Nature-Earth which provides us with so much life and beauty. These being one of the core values, Royal Elementz strives to provide luxury and style in each piece of fine fashion jewelry designed and created.

We use lab created stones such as, simulated diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, Swarovski elements, set in semi-precious metals like 925 Sterling Silver. Each piece is finished with fine 18 karat gold or Rhodium plating which allows us to create our pieces as hypo-allergenic while maintaining its luster and polish. This helps in preserving our limited, natural resources and reduces the negative impact on the environment caused by conventional mining.

Royal Elementz is a firm believer of ethical business practices and values integrity of all associated business partners, right from sourcing high-quality stones and metals to the production stage to finished product. we strive to support local communities in all markets we do business in. we take pride in being a responsible partner, by respecting and complying with all local laws and policies


Royal Elementz takes great pride in professionalism, quality of final product, and business ethics while maintaining our corporate and social obligations in society. We work very closely with charitable/not for profit organizations to help mentor, empower women and young girls to overcome the hurdles for a better present and future. One of the big ways Royal Elementz has chosen to give back is by contributing a percentage of total revenue to multiple local and national not for profit organizations on an ongoing basis.

The Art of Jewelry Making

Elementzs specializes in ready to wear and custom designed jewelry such as, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bands, and any other ‘one of a kind’ jewelry piece. We have also worked on custom designed crowns for organizations such as Miss World America 2017, Miss Globe United States 2017-18, along with many custom crown jewels for organizations such Miss Earth USA 2016-2018 and United States National Pageant 2016 to name a few.


  • Unique Styles
  • Hand crafted
  • Work directly with fine craftsmen and artists who specialize in fine fashion jewelry,
  • Work online or in person

The custom process- It all starts with an idea or inspiration.

  1. Design concept-Drawing
  2. CAD and Model making –
  3. Casting-
  4. Hand fabrication-
  5. Hand Engraving
  6. Texture, Finishes and Detailing